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I particularly liked the way Louise modeled ACT. She was the embodiment of warmth, empathy, love of her work, bold and gentle, funny and serious. Annie Townsend, psychologist, Bendigo

I enjoyed this workshop very much and found myself emersed in the ACT experience from Day 1. I would recommend this workshop to anyone.         Bendigo 2012 participant at Advanced ACT workshop

Thank you Louise for a stimulating and informative workshop. I really benefitted from the mix of practical exercises, presentations, and your use of mindfulness in leading the group.         Helen Smith, Social Worker

This month I completed two days of Advanced ACT Mindfulness training with Louise Shepherd in Bendigo. Louise has an honest, humane, patient approach to training. She makes a 2 day workshop interactive, thought provoking and highly experiential. I am not a complete novice in using ACT, having previously done Introductory ACT Mindfulness training with Russ Harris in Melbourne. I use ACT Mindfulness in my practice with clients with depression, anxiety, OCD, eating disorders and grief, and more recently I have been offering it to clients with chronic pain. Louise took me to a new and deeper level of understanding of ACT Mindfulness, and consequently I grasped in greater detail how this approach can be used to give meaning to “stuck” clients with chronic pain. She has a sensitive, honest and compassionate  style which is engaging and encouraging. I definitely feel more confident in applying my new understandings of ACT since her training.        Marie McNamara, Mental health social worker, Bendigo

Louise is a passionate and knowledgable presenter on ACT…..I left with the certainty that ACT can assist not only my work but my personal life as well.         Wayne Ardley, Social worker, Westmead Hospital

Thank you Louise for an extremely polished and grounded ACT introductory workshop. You inspired confidence in our department to consider ACT as a therapeutic modality in our daily work here in the hospital.         Melissa Loos, Social Work Educator, Westmead / Auburn Hospitals

Louise presented the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in a way that was easy to understand and provided practical outcomes immediately. Using the Bulls Eye exercise I was about to work out the value areas for me that were lacking, the obstacles to overcome and developed a plan to address these, which I have started to implement. Thank you Louise.        Attila Ovari Leader, Manager, Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Speaker & Writer

Louise presented to our therapy team of clinical psychologists, psychologists and nurse therapists. She successfully engaged and inspired us to extend our use of ACT from beginner level to advanced.        Brian Kearney Senior clinical psychologist, Regional Allied Health Manager, The Northside Group

This was an interesting and very useful presentation on ACT. Excellent presenter who was able to provide a lot of meaningful illustrations from her practice. Participation by attendees was encouraged without being allowed to overtake the presentation, which was a relief, as the material was very relevant and useful to any therapist.        Jenny Kyng, Counsellor, Group Therapist, Registered Nurse, Sydney

Excellent one-day workshop in basic ACT concepts and some useful exercises in ACT techniques. These reinforced the effectiveness or ACT in therapy / group therapy.         Donna Mackanzie, psychotherapist, Northside West Clinic Wentworthville, NSW

I found Louise’s presentation style engaging and her experiential exercises allowed me to learn more effectively. Thank you.         Suzanne Randall, Therapist / Group facilitator, Northside West Clinic Wentworthville

Very enjoyable, and well put together workshop demonstrating the practical skills of ACT married with the theory. Louise, you have a lovely presence         Group Therapist, The Northside Group

Wow! So glad I came along. Easy, informative and well worth it. Knowledge is power! Power to change lives.         Group therapist, The Northside Group


Louise is about to commence advanced training in FAP - an exciting challenge for 2015!

Louise presented at the ANZ ACBS annual conference on the Sunshine Coast October 2014 on the topic of “Mindful discussions: broadening the repertoire”.

Louise is back in full swing and available for workshops, supervision and individual therapy or coaching. (If you didn’t already know, Louise became an ACBS peer reviewed ACT trainer in 2012. ACBS is the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science, the home of ACT!)

In 2014 Lara Winten joined us at The Sydney ACT Centre - we are thrilled to add her to the team and excited about the energy and experience she brings to The Sydney ACT Centre.

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